What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

What is UCA?

Upper Cervical Ascension program is an upper cervical chiropractic training organization that specializes in working with doctors and students who are interesting in learning, developing, and implementing Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic in to their practice, and study of chiropractic.

Who is this for?

This organization is for doctors and students who resonate with chiropractic philosophy and feel slightly unsettled by their clinical application, objective measures and outcomes, or they simply feel that their learning has become stagnant and boring. It is also a program for anyone who just wants to see what upper cervical chiropractic is all about.

To join us at a live event you don’t have to be ready to throw out your old toolbox, open an upper cervical office, or even believe that this is the only way to practice chiropractic. In fact, there are plenty of other upper cervical organization out there to learn from. If you have a home, are satisfied with the information, culture, and training they provide, by all means keep up the good work, we are probably not for you!


How many Greenbooks do I have to read to be in this organization?

None. But after you join us you will probably want to read a few. We do encourage you to read Vol. 18, Vol.25, and The Chiropractic Textbook. Not all at once, we won’t see you for a year!

Do I need equipment for a UCA weekend?

Although equipment is not required, If you have a portable knee chest table, speeder board, Tytron scanner, upper cervical bones, or a fancy hat, you are welcome to bring them. We’ve got you covered. In fact, you don’t even need a notebook, we’ll take care of that too:)

Who are the instructors?

The main instructor is Dr. Bill Moss, and we have some fantastic doctors that will be assisting us in various locations….I bet you can’t wait to find out who!

What can I expect during an UCA weekend?

Our weekend seminars are 3 days in total.

Day 1: Friday Night // Introduction // 6pm – 8:30 pm followed by evening social.

This serves as a getting to know you, and your reasons for learning knee chest upper cervical chiropractic. We will complete a general overview of the course, cover expectations, and review our core principles that serve as guiding philosophy for the program.

Day 2: The Elements // 9am-7pm

Let’s get practical! 25% Theory // 75% application. Do you want to talk about it or do it? We’re going to break it down and integrate all the physical components of training into this day. The training will include scanning & pattern analysis, x-ray setup and reading, adjustic thrust, and patient position.

Day 3: Integration // 8-noon
Real Doctors, Real Cases. Now’s the time to take the theory & application, and put it in practice. On the final day we will review current cases, difficult cases, develop and implement appropriate next steps to care for people. Implementation plans will range from listings  & patterns, to angles of adjustment,  care recommendations, expectations, and mindset. On this day students make their biggest jump, and we know you will too.

How should I dress?

Day 1 & 3 are less physical, you can come as you are. You don’t need to dress like a real doctor. On day 2 dress comfortable so you can move and potentially get sweaty.

Do I have to drink the Kool-aid?

No, we won’t have Kool-aid, but water, tea, and coffee will be provided.

What is your favorite day of the program?

Most people love the final day. It’s where we bring together a variety of abilities, unique people, with their own experience and knowledge, and together we put our heads together to develop strategies to help each other care for people.

If I’m already training with another Upper Cervical organization can I still join you guys?

Consult with your guru.  

Will BJ Palmer be in attendance?

In spirit.