I’m Bill.
I'm A Chiropractor Also A Teacher and Healer 

What got you into Chiropractic?

Chiropractic Changed my life. I used it for many years just simply for pain and athletic performance, but right before I started student teaching (I was a former teacher) I developed debilitating panic attacks. They were so intense I was hospitalized, medicated, tested with MRI’s, MRA’s, seen by an ENT, cardiologist, and neurologist and all tests came by FINE! But I definitely wasn’t fine. After a year of medical management, I met a chiropractor that taught me about the power of the nervous system, I got under regular care….and good by asthma, allergies, sinus infections, anxiety, panic attacks, and medication! One day at my chiropractic visit, my chiropractor asked me “you ever consider being a chiropractor?” The rest is history.

Why Upper Cervical?

I went to school thinking I was going to be a Gonstead chiropractor. That’s the technique and approach that helped me get my life back, and I had enough experience to appreciate the attention to detail the technique embodied. In all honesty, I was completely turned off by the leadership of the club while in school and began to dabble in other technique arenas, but there was still a consistent theme I was hearing from various stages. When things got bad and S%&t seemed to hit the fan, chiropractors, chiropractic students, chiropractors wives were headed to the Upper Cervical practitioner! I was curious from the moment I heard about upper cervical, and the magic behind the stories helped me grown in my desire to pursue this work.

Is Upper Cervical For Everyone?

Few things are for everyone. In fact, in practice on a weekly basis I get asked by a lot of clients, “Why don’t more chiropractors practice this way?”

This question has a variety of answers. Here’s my take on it.

#1 – I think most people don’t have the patience to really learn and do upper cervical. We only take the work so far, get frustrated, minimize it’s worth and effects, blame other, don’t explore fully, and give up. Lots of people want to have upper cervical results, the big practice, the fast healings, and authority right away. We neglect the fact that without forging a path and struggling a bit, it’s difficult to gain knowledge, advance your experience, which eventually leads to understanding and wisdom.

#2 – Humility. Every time you make an adjustment you get “objective” feedback on how YOU, the practitioner did. This fact alone can be disheartening in your early days without help.

Also, starting into practice without lots of hands on experience in the work is difficult, most people haven’t managed a business, managed people, seen the technique in action, and know how to course correct when “it’s not working.”

#3 – Not that many people teach the work, and it’s very vulnerable to come forth and humble yourself for greater understanding. As human beings we don’t like to be uncomfortable and practicing this work is uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable almost daily, and requires many gray decisions.

Q & A

Wyomissing, PA the home of Taylor Swift and Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center.
Argentina, David Serio is there, and I had to use a translator the entire time. Very unique experience where I literally knew no one, and had an absolute blast with the people associated with his organization.
I’d probably be a rockstar. I play the bass guitar and played in bands years ago. I’d probably give that a shot, since I know a lot more about marketing now, I bet we could make it work:)
First 100 pages of Vol. 18 & Fame and Fortune.
The Alchemist
Dr. Francis Marcone from ATL or Dr. Sid Williams (yes the son of THE Sid Williams).
It depends.

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