What does an Upper Cervical Ascension weekend consist of?

Saturday: 9am-7pm:


Saturday morning we will spend time getting to know you, and your reason for learning the ins and outs of knee chest upper cervical chiropractic. We will complete a general overview of the course, cover expectations, and review our core principles that serve as our guiding philosophy for the individuals who participate and comprise of this organization as a collective body. We will complete a brief a team building activity.


Saturday – Sunday will be a complete overview of the practical elements that make up the Philosophy, Science, Art, and Communication of Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

This day will be 75% practical application, of the elements regarding x-ray positioning analysis, scanning technique, pattern analysis, adjusting technique, client set-up, and performance and preparation outside of the seminar. 25% will be background knowledge and theory and most importantly communication. If you are looking to get time, repetition, and refinement of your technique regarding the physical application and elements, this is it.  If you are returning student, don’t worry this is the time to dive deeper into each element as well. 

Sunday: 9am – 3pm


On the final day, we will continue building on our knowledge of the elements that make up knee chest upper cervical and we will begin to evaluate them from a clinical perspective.  We will put theory into clinical application. We will review real cases, from practicing upper cervical chiropractors. Together we will create action plans, practice and develop a framework for decision making, review upper cervical listings, patient positions, alterations, and course corrections. Upper Cervical chiropractic, especially involving pattern analysis and human beings, requires you to be dynamic in your thoughts, communication, and actions. Regardless of the current level, just simply being in the room will help you achieve new levels of understanding to better serve your current and future clients.

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